Ich scheiße in der Fotze von der Mutter deines Gottes

Cago en el culo de la Madre de tu Dios

Recedite, plebes! Gero rem imperialem.
31 January 1979
San Francisco, California, United States
Lycée la Mennais - Papeete Polynésie française FR
Interests: (33)
a murder of crows, bad internet porn, bad webcam lighting, being inappropriately sincere, bubble sort, cody/tommy, coveting massively ornate inefficiency, cuddling transmitted diseases, false promises of post-modernism, forced bad sector breeding, forced interest adoption, freemasons rule the planet, gender isn't fucking genetic, giant squid/jk rowling, google image search results, harry/giant squid, his dark materials slash, i thought u ♥ me > *, i thought u ♥ me > qweerdo, jameth is a troll, neuropharmacology mood and perception, non-consensual child adoption, non-consensual cuddling, repressed memory therapy barbie, secret guilty pleasure bands, social reengineering capes, technology and its perversions, the dongs of academia, the gift of shame, threatening to gangbang tawnee, today show drinking games, uncomfortable lingering marine embraces, urban survival battle training
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